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2008 Kia Granbird Parkway


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  • Condition
  • Category
    Bus > Buses
  • Make
  • Model
    Granbird Parkway  SPEC
  • Model Year
  • Cylinder
  • Engine Volume
    12,344 CC
  • Engine Power
    410 HP
  • Steering
  • Transmission
  • Fuel Type
  • No. of Passenger
  • Door
  • Location
  • VIN Number
  • Overall
    12,020 mm (L) x 2,490 mm (W) x 3,450 mm (H)
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QHow can I buy?
If you want to buy this item, please click “Ask for Quotation” and submit your inquiry. Autowini customer support staff will check the item’s availability and give you quotation. See more about B.I.S process
QHow can I pay?
Once you confirm, you have to send money to Autowini’s bank account by T/T.
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QIs my transaction safe?
Yes. Autowini secures your money safely and ships the item on time. 100% refund is guaranteed When you do not receive items.
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QWhen is shipping schedule?
Usually Ro-Ro vessel is scheduled once in a month, and Container vessel is in every week. Check the fastest shipping schedule to your port Go to Shipping Schedule
QHow can I contact Autowini team?
Once you submit B.I.S, you will receive Autowini customer support staff’s email or contact information. Since we are communicating with many customers most of the time, your detailed inquiry will be highly appreciated. Contact our staff
QHow long does it take to reach my port?
It takes 30-50 days to reach most port usually. Central & South America : approx 25-40 days. East Africa : approx 25-30 days. West Africa : approx 40-45 days. Transit time will vary depending on the vessel type and schedule. Buy an item through "B.I.S"service and do not miss the fastest vessel to your port. Shipping Schedule

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