1. The Cheapest Way to Buy Used Cars & Parts from South Korea.

Why pay more for the same? Unlike other dealers in your country, we connect you with certified sellers directly without no middle-man for the lowest price ever.

  • Before Autowini

    before Autowini

    Domestic Seller in S.KoreaLocal Dealers

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  • After Autowini

    after Autowini

    Domestic Seller in S.KoreaLocal Dealers

    Directly !

2. The Original LHD Cars Manufactured in South Korea

Autowini source original left hand drive vehicles and parts from South Korea. (e.g. Hyundai & Kia)

Originality of Left-hand driveOriginality of Left-hand drive Made In KoreaMade in Korea

3. Secure Trade Guarantees

Are you worried about losing your money when buying a car online? Why not take the lowest-risk option by joining Autowini? The moments you become our customer, you’ll be automatically covered by these guarantees below.

  • 100% Refund
    We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case you don't receive your item.
  • Price
    We guarantee the best prices because we source from local sellers directly.
  • Condition
    Even though you buy online, you can clearly see what you are buying.
  • Shipping
    We deliver our items on time with an all-in-one order tracking system.
  • Parts Supply
    If you can't find specific parts in your country, we can provide and deliver them from here.
Go to see “Autowini’s 5 Guarantees”

4. All-in-one Service for Overseas Buyers, Buy it Safely!

Buy it Safely! Do B.I.S(Buy it Safely!). Autowini provide professional online mediation service covering whole process you need to check when buying cars online from order, document handling, shipping, quality control, tracking, to after sales follow up.

  • End-To-End Online Consultation 01
    End-To-End Online Consultation
    Our multi-language staffs(English, Spanish, French, and Russian) will make your online trading easier than ever.
  • 100% Payment Protection Service 02
    100% Payment Protection Service
    Autowini holds your money until your transaction and shipment are complete. It’s 100% refundable if you do not receive the cars!
  • Professional Shipping Service 03
    Professional Shipping Service
    Do you need a help transporting a car overseas? Our professional shipping team will deal with the whole auto shipping process including booking, scheduling, and handling all documents required.
  • Quality Control System (Checking service before shipping) 04
    Quality Control System (Checking service before shipping)
    Once used car dealers carry their vehicles to our car yard in Incheon Port, we perform car inspection before buyers make purchase to determine its cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition.
  • Order Tracking System 05
    Order Tracking System
    Check the status of your order online at any time through Web and App! We offer all-in-one order tracking system to improve your buying experience and meet your needs for order accuracy through the entire ordering, fulfillment, and delivery process
  • After Sales Follow-up 06
    After Sales Follow-up
    If you have any questions, comments, or complaints regarding your order after it has been shipped or if you want to buy auto parts from us, you can always contact to our B.I.S team via Autowini.com.