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Buy Korean cars with confidence! Autowini is the No.1 trading platform for cars, trucks, buses, equipment, spare parts and machinery in S.Korea. We offer the safest and the cheapest way to buy cars directly from South Korean Sellers.

What should we know before purchase

  • Discharge ports and places of declaration in Georgia is - Poti
  • Approximate time of shipping is 50-60 days
  • Main shipping lines are: MAERSK
  • Declaration of items who’s quantity or economic value is more than untaxed minimum can be done in advance, or during import in customs checkpoint, or after the import on place of declaration

* For additional information please visit page of Revenue services :

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  • Q1.What documentation do I need from S. Korea?
    Documentation that need to be presented on customs border during sea transportation are: Bill of Lading, item’s purchase document (original or copy), item’s purchase agreement (invoice) or other settlement document. - (click)
  • Q2.What are custom taxes?
    Please take into consideration that during vehicle declaration there can be some service fees such as: service fee of approving declared vehicle - 150 GEL; filling in customs declaration - 30 GEL; expert verification act - 20 GEL
  • Q3.How can i calculate additional taxes for my car?
    During calculating additional taxes for cars there are three main things taken into consideration: manufacturing year of the car, engine capacity and position of driving wheel. Follow link to calculate additional taxes for your car - (click)
  • Q4.How to buy a can on
    While buying:
    1) First of all visit and register.
    2) After choosing a desired car ask for final quotation by pressing "Ask for Quotation" , "Запросить цену" or "მოითხოვე კოტირება" button.
    3) Within 1 business day you will get every cost on mail, including transportation (whole price that you have to pay for this car to Poti port). If you agree on these expenses you will receive official invoice from Autowini.)
  • Q5.What additional costs do I have to pay?
    In general there is additional cost of transportation and Autowini’s services. Our service includes 100% refund guarantee (We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case you don't receive your item), working condition guarantee of car’s main functions (such as engine and transmission),handling of your documentation and planning transportation (shoring services included). This service costs 300$ fixed. There is also transportation cost that varies depending on size of the car. To get the exact price please ask for quotation).
  • Q6.What is approximate transportation time?
    Transportation usually takes about 50 days from car’s departure

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  • From Georgia. Well received container at Poti port
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