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Buy Korean cars with confidence! Autowini is the No.1 trading platform for cars, trucks, buses, equipment, spare parts and machinery in S.Korea. We offer the safest and the cheapest way to buy cars directly from South Korean Sellers.

What I should know before purchase

Basic Information

  • The discharge port for the vehicle is Tema in Ghana.
  • The time of shipment through RoRo is around 40 to 60 days.
  • Only LHD vehicles are allowed; the year restriction is up to 10 years; any inspection is required.
  • EUKOR, GLOVIS, COSCO and CMA are the main shipping lines.
Q1.What documents are required from South Korea?
Bill of Lading (original and copies), Commercial invoice and packing list
Q2.How much is Pre-Registration Taxes?
Customs duty (0% 5% 10% and 20%), Value added tax (0% to 12.5%), ECOWAS Tax (1%)
Q3.How much is Vehicle registration fees?
Registration fees for imported vehicles are determined based on engine capacity, the number of seats, the age and the usage purpose.
Q4.How much is Penalty for overaged cars?
The penalty on the overaged cars is the following.
Age exceeding 10yrs but less than 12yrs 5% of CIF value
Age exceeding 12yrs but less than 15yrs 20% of CIF value
Age exceeding 15yrs 50% of CIF value
Q5.What is the custom clearance charge at Tema port?
Customs duty, port charges, shipping line charges, DP number plate fee and clearing agency fees.

* Duty and clearing charges in Ghana are not included in the price. You need to pay the charges through a local clearing agent.

Autowini Agent in Ghana

  • Ben-Barray Establishments

    Barletey Puplampu ( director )
    C/O 1st Transit Qters Command Mess Burma Camp, Accra, Ghana
    (+233) 503 977 373
  • Korean Autowini

    Daniel Adjei Somuah ( director )
    Box GP 14320 Accra Digital Address (GhanaPostGPS :GA-401-710) B105/14 Adotei Kojo Lane, Mataheko-Accra, Accra, Ghana
    (+233) 2448 7737 8
    (+233) 2015 6079 9
  • Local Service

    • Consulting Consulting
    • Customs Clearing Customs Clearing
    • Customs Documents Handling Customs Documents Handling
    • Local Delivery Local Delivery

Celebrating sales 1,000 units in Ghana and donation to local public school (May 2018)

On May 2nd, Autowini held a special event celebrating 1,000 units sales of used cars to Ghana by giving a donation of $ 10,000 to local public school. See More

  • Ceremony of Ghana sales 1,000 units

    Ceremony of Ghana sales 1,000 units Newspaper Article - 3 May, 2018
  • Donation $10,000 to local public school

    Donation $10,000 to local public school GHOne TV News on air - 3 May, 2018

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