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Import Regulations

Please note that the below information on import regulations is for reference only and subject to change.
Autowini is not responsible for customs clearance after the item's arrival at the port. It is the customer's responsibility to pay duty and clear goods legitimately under the law of each country.
Please check the detailed regulations before importing and consult with a customs office and agency.

■ Steering Handle

• LHD(Left Handle Drive)

■ Shipping Destination

• Dakar

■ Import Restriction

Importation of the used vehicles, used motorcycles and used cycles, hereafter, are prohibited:
• Private vehicles of more than eight (08) years of age;
• Motor vehicles for the transport of goods not exceeding 3.5 tons of more than eigh (08) years;
• Motor vehicles for the transport of goods exceeding 3,5 tons of more than 10 years;
• Motorcycles and cycles of a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cc.

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​Above information has been updated on Feb 21 2017

Shipping Information

  • shipping information
    Shipping Schedule
    Check the fastest shipping schedule to your port !
  • shipping information
    Ro-Ro vessel
    Ro-Ro vessel is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for vehicles.
  • shipping information
    Container vessel
    Container vessel shipping is cheaper way to ship many units of cars.

How to Buy

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