Business Membership

Business Membership
Why don't you grow with us in this fantastic marketplace?
Be a Business Member and enjoy all the privilege & benefits of doing business with Autowini.
Do I have to register a membership
at Autowini?
Yes. You have to register as a Member when you want to buy any item in Autowini. Registering a membership is for free and easy. You can just create an ID, password and submit name & email address.
Register ID here
What kind of membership can I get?
There are 2 kinds of membership.
“Basic Member” and “Business Member”

If you’re an individual customer who buys an item for your own use, you can join as “Basic Member”. If you are doing business with Autowini, you can upgrade your membership to a “Business Member” according to your purchase records.

Basic Member
  • Get final price including shipping cost.
  • Buy an item with Autowini’s safe payment & shipping service (Buy it Safely!)
  • Buy items at world’s cheapest price.
  • Basic membership is for free.
Business Member
businessMember Privileges & Benefits :
  • Downloads photos without logos.
  • Get discounts on every purchase.
  • See more information about the items.
  • Access to online parts shop.
  • Parts supply in wholesale price.
  • Free inspection before purchase (up to 2 units/month)
  • Promotional materials and leaflets support.
  • & much more benefits will be added.
Requirements to be a Business Member :
  • Business License
  • USD 200 annual fee (non-refundable)
  • USD 600 deposit (The deposit is refundable as the Business Membership expires.)
  • Purchase 5 units/month for 3 consecutive months through B.I.S Service
A Regular Customer?
If you’re doing business with Autowini and qualified with certain criteria and standards, You can get “Business Membership” and enjoy more privileges & benefits of doing business with us. Please consult with us via email.